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Within your tchop channel we want you to optimize your workflows and leverage efficiency. There is so much good content out there. Why not let that content work for you without any friction?! Getting data and content into content management systems tends to be complex and expensive. With tchop it is just a few clicks.

Integrations can be flexibly connected to mixes inside your channel. They can feed in news or social feeds from any source or kind. You can automatically publish contents and create fully automated workflows. Or you can collect, structure, approve or edit contents before you distribute them.

Use integrations to tie content workflows and systems together and enjoy the full control inside tchop. Start with our custom integrations right away or develop your own using our Input API.

Our integrations


Input any RSS feed with ease

RSS URL Integration

RSS-Feeds are still out there. And still so useful for keeping updated. With this integration you can import data of any RSS feed to dedicated mixes and automatize your content workflows. Structure, curate, collect, then publish with one click. Easy peasy. The possibilities to combine RSS feeds with a smart structure of mixes are almost endless and enable you to set up the ultimate content curation machine.


Chat meets Content

Slack Integration

Make Slack and tchop the perfect team with this integration: Connect tchop with your favourite Slack channels and have any article, social media post or image forwarded right into a mix. Discuss content on Slack. Publish, curate and distribute with a few clicks through tchop. Structure your content collaboration and enable others to benefit from what you discuss and collect in Slack without any additional work.


Input any news from any site

Scraping Integration

You want to import and follow contents and news from a specific site?! And not miss what's happening there, but also make it work for your own content communication?! Then we have the perfect solution for you: With our scraping integration you can grab relevant links from any website and push them right into any mix inside your channel. Publish, comment and filter what's relevant for your target group. Or just automatically publish and customize the perfect news reader with your preferred structure and set up.


Use the power of Twitter

Twitter Integration

If you want to start utilizing Twitter within your content strategy, then this is the perfect solution for you: Integrate tweets from selected users, define hashtags or search terms and import everything automatically into your tchop mixes. Make Twitter work for your content. Automatically publish or just collect, comment and publish the best pieces. Just a few clicks away. It's all up to you.


Use the power of Facebook

Facebook Integration

If you want to start utilizing Facebook within your content strategy, then this is the one to go to: Import posts from public groups or profiles and add them automatically into your tchop mixes. Make the worlds biggest social network work for your content. Automatically publish or just collect, comment and publish the best pieces. Just a few clicks away. It's all up to you.


Input leading visual creativity

Instagram Integration

No doubt Instagram is the leading photo community. So why not leverage the creative outpout of the most relevant influencers from that platform? This integration let´s you import posts from any user and add them automatically into your tchop mixes. Automatically publish, comment or curate stunning photos or videos.


The biggest video-sharing community

Youtube Integration

Nowadays, video is becoming an increasingly important part of any digital content strategy. Therefore, popular video-sharing websites like YouTube are a powerful tool that offers a lot of interesting content. With our Youtube integration you can implement new videos posted in any youtube channel into selected tchop mixes. And never miss any important clip again.


The worlds leading news sources

Top News Integration

Follow the national and international headlines of the most relevant publishers with that incredible integration! Based on "News API" ( you can choose between moren than 70 different sources from all around the world. Get latest news or most read articles. Live in any tchop mix. Don´t miss what is important.

Custom Integration

You don't see an integration to match the service you need? Write it yourself!

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