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Content and Chat — in your own branded App

tchop is the first out-of-the-box platform that lets you connect with your employees, clients or stakeholders in real time. With up do date content that matters. In your own look and feel.

tchop empowers companies like:
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Your brand.
Your app.
Your content.

Empower your brand with a premium mobile experience for iOS and Android which users love to use every day.

Customize logo, colours and fonts to own a piece of your target groups daily routines.

Succeed with mobile content

With a flexible structure of channels and mixes you can serve the right content for every team or target group. With our without login. And engage with employees, top management or clients in one app.

Based on our built-in user management you control who can read, contribute or chat.

Aggregate any content and data source

Inside your app you can implement and link to anything - wether it is out there in the web, in your intranet or any other web-based third party service.

Easily set up relevant news and content feeds - without any IT integration needed.

Secure real time messaging —
in your own look and feel

Create private or public chat groups around relevant topics or discuss important issues in 1:1 chats and get instant feedback - in a secure environment.

Gain full control over the news and the discussion surrounding it, as part of your own mobile brand experience.

Send push notes
to engage your users

Notifications bring users back and allow to deliver important updates or let users know about messages and mentions happening in chats.

Simply send or time push notes with a few clicks and keep everybody up to date.

Place your brand in the mobile message center!

A universe of possibilities

Whether you're a large enterprise with thousands of employees or a small team - we offer everything you need to reach out to users with content and conversions.

    Use cases
Internal communication

Employee App

One of the largest construction companies STRABAG in Europe provides daily news and updates to workers within their german organisation. Regional offices are using dedicated channels to serve both local content as well as news from the headquarter -from videos to images, from internal information to external news, from serious business information to entertaining fun stuff. A thrilling mix of content that engaged employees on all levels.

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Easy to

You can focus on content, communication and your users. We take care of the technology and put your branded apps to the app stores. IT integration is not required.

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Mobile Experience

When it comes to mobile content an exceptional user experience is key. That’s why we offer real native apps, for iOS and Android - and not just mobile websites wrapped in an app.

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Open Source

We started tchop with developers in mind. If you have special requirements, you can build on top of our codebase, we will soon release the full code as open source.

Meet the first
ready-to-go backend for
the mobile generation.

Our platform let´s even the smallest of teams do great things — on every device,
with just a few clicks, without any IT resources. And a maximum amount of smart automation.

Easy to use like social media, powerful like an enterprise cms.

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Publishing has never been that easy

tchop is the first platform that combines content curation and creation in a smart, lean way. It works on any device, can digest any media and is ready to go instantly in your browser.

Like a thin layer that puts all your amazing content and social media channels in one exciting place, where you gain full control.

tchop curation dashboard interface
tchop user management dashboard

Leverage the content out there and integrate: everything!

Get any content into tchop with ease and connect existing feeds with just a few clicks. Build your own integration or just use our growing number of standard integrations.

Structure, approve or edit contents along the way - on any device!

tchop curation dashboard interface
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Make Slack and tchop the perfect team

With our integration you can connect any Slack channel with tchop and have any article, social media post or image forwarded right into a mix.

Discuss content on Slack. Edit and distribute with a few clicks through tchop. The efficiency dream team!

tchop user management dashboard

Control who has access to content and conversation

tchop features a built-in user management with a simple invite, rights and role system that always gives you full control.

You decide who can read or write, contribute or just consume, who can follow or participate a chat.

Your data is
safe and secure.

We host all your data in a secure EU-based AWS environment (Fully GDPR compliant). All our communication over public networks is encrypted (HTTPs/TLS 2.1, End-to-end chat with AES256).

Powerful APIs
for developers.

Display or process the tchop output anywhere you like. In your app, website, intranet or system. Or easily get data from an existing intranet or CMS into tchop with our Input-API.

Minimum of
resources needed.

tchop is built for a mobile content generation defined by social networks. Create curated content feeds from all kinds of sources with just a few clicks. Wherever you are.

We empower your mobile strategy

tchop is a thin, smart layer that lets curate all your digital content in one spot. And combine it with the real time conversation you need - with your colleagues, stakeholders or clients. As an end-to-end solution we provide you with everything needed. Our philosophy is simple:

  1. We don’t want to be a social intranet that solves all your internal communication challenges and ends up bloated and complex. We want to make it simple, give you full control and integrate easily with systems and sources you already have.
  2. Our mobile first approach includes a premium user experience as the basis for a long term relationship with your users. We provide you with native apps which have a better user experience, better performance and which are more secure.
  3. Consider the role your content, your users, your data play for third party platforms like social networks and chat apps. We believe it makes a huge difference to create an own, secure space to communicate with your target group and provide content that matters.
  4. Providing a mobile communication hub might be mission critical, but often you need to manage it with existing resources and can´t hire additional staff. That´s why we focus on efficiency and a high degree of smart automation.

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