For your Customers, your Management and your Employees.

Content the easy way.

tchop is the first ready-to-use content curation platform, that lets all size teams deliver a seamless mobile user experience. Publishing has never been this easy.

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What tchop is all about


Curated Feeds

tchop is the first platform that combines content curation and mobile publishing in a smart, lean way. Integrate, edit and leverage all kinds of digital content feeds with just a few clicks.

Easy & Efficient

Traditional content management systems are old web focused. While tchop is built for the new generation of mobile content. It’s super easy to use for anybody on any device.

Premium Output

If you want your mobile content to be engaging, a good user experience is key. That's why we offer native apps. With our open API, you can customise and integrate your output for any website or service.

What is tchop great for?

One of the key challenges enterprises and marketers face nowadays is how to manage and distribute digital content efficiently, especially to mobile devices.

tchop lets even the smallest of teams deliver relevant content on an instant basis, so you can establish a successful relationship with your target group.

Content is the key!
Great for your staff…

Internal communication

Engage teams, management and employees by delivering content to them directly through an internal news app.

For press coverage or company news, industry updates or the latest gossip…
…your customers

Content marketing

Collect, filter and publish compelling mobile content for your fans or customers and impress your peers.

Simply focus on content & conversion, we'll take care of the rest.

Custom implementations

Easily curate content streams for your own content app, on your website or your corporate intranet.

We have the API, the tools and widgets to kick-start the daily content your digital portfolio needs.

How does it work?


Curate, edit, publish

Structure and editing content with our system of "mixes & cards" is so easy it’s fun! Works on any device, can digest any media, doesn’t require any form of tricky IT integration… It's all there right in your browser.

Input feeds and connect other platforms like slack with our integration feature. Leverage existing content sources and automate your workflows.

easy peasy


Integrate your output easily thanks to our magic-API

Thanks to our powerful API you can customize your own app or build the integrations you need!

access our
open source code
on github


Awesome reading experience

When it comes to publishing content, an exceptional user experience is key to success:
We provide cutting-edge native apps for iOS and Android that are easy to use and customize. Send Push Notes to single or all users. Engage your staff with mobile excellence.

the tchop experience

Why it is so awesome?

It’s easy!!!

Set it up and running in a heartbeat,
no tricky IT integration needed

It’s fun!!!

To edit & to read

It’s flexible!!!

Build your own APP, connect inputs and outputs

It’s fast!!!

Efficient workflow, minimal resources, great results

cool, eh?

Full control!!!

You decide who can read and write your content

How to kick-start tchop?

5 min

Sign up, start curating and editing

15 min

Download the app and instantly enjoy your content on your smartphone


Share and discuss results, invite and impress your peers


Decide whether you want to build your own app or use ours.