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Visual branding is central to every marketing and sales strategy. That's why tchop offers fully customizable apps in the look and feel of your brand - with your logo, the colors of your brand and, if you want, even your custom font.

This branded app will put your logo on the home screen of your teams or clients mobile devices, but will also promote your brand outside of the app with every chat message or push notification.

Since you want your team to use the service permanently on a daily or even hourly basis, user experience is key. Therefore, our native apps are extremely easy to use, fast and match your brand experience.

Content that
supports sales

Within your sales organization you often have different kinds of target groups with different information needs based on products, accounts or other criteria.

Therefore tchop provides a flexible structure of channels and mixes, which enables you to dynamically fulfill those needs within one single branded app. Thanks to your built-in user management you can connect users to channels and create custom content and service feeds for the each target group or part of your organization.

You can set up a channel for
  • img
    every regional sales department, shop or team
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    every product or brand
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    executive sales teams or top management
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    KPIs and data

Each channel is independent in terms of content structure and has its own editorial dashboard. That means each sales team or department can easily curate, edit and distribute content for even small regional teams. In its own language. And with its own relevant sales drivers.

Mixing content for
mobile usage

Within a channel you can curate and create an unlimited amount of mixes. A mix is a news feed around a certain topic. It can hold all kinds of content: Images, videos, text posts, links, tweets etc. You can use it for both dynamic and frequently updated content or static service information that needs to be available all the time.

Mixes within employee apps are often used for different topics like
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    Corporate news
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    News from marketing and sales department
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    Latest sales materials and KPIs
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    Competitive analysis (e.g. media or campaign monitoring)
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    Educational content (like "how-to's")
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    Best practices

Every team, department or part of the organization can add, edit and manage content independently in their mix. Everybody gets easily involved and motivated instead of one small team or person possibly becoming a bottleneck for all the output (unless, of course, you prefer that setting). The way users can add and publish content is incredibly easy and everybody understands how that works within minutes.

Integrate existing
tools and services

One of the biggest benefits our platform offers is faster and more accurate internal messaging. Since your communications are centralized and accessible on mobile, employees can respond to new events and developments faster, no matter where they are.

A centralized group chat is easy for employees to follow. Unread messages are counted and highlighted, making it easier for every member of your team to stay up to date as projects develop. Users receive push notifications to not miss any message - even if they are not active in the app.

tchop gives you full control to set up conversations and decide who can write or read:
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    public group chats that everybody can join, participate or ask questions
  • img
    private chat groups for confidential conversations and special issues
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    users can use confidential 1:1 chats to connect with each other instantly
  • img
    read-only chats to keep everybody up to date on important topics

It's a full real time, cross platform messenger with the look and feel of your brand that offers a universe of possibilities for your internal communication. Chats can be pinned to mixes or certain content so that the discussion around relevant topics can be structured and controlled.

And again, the central administration always has full control over who can create chats, participate or just read.

Test run with a
limited group

Before you rollout any solution we always recommend setting up a test run with a limited number of team members. Let them test the solution and see if this is something the rest of the company will use.

tchop lets you kickstart such a test run within days and we're happy to help you, contributing with our experience. Thanks to our analytics dashboard you can find out what engages your users and what kind of content they prefer.

For the distribution of your app to your workforce tchop covers all potential options: you can use the public app store via our account or yours or use your internal mobile device management. For tests we can provide download links and invite specific users.

We provide you with a full service and deploy your apps where you need them


Using mobile communication to become "lean" across the entire sales process is critical for a sales organization that wants to outperform others. A sales support app is the turnkey solution that lets you improve efficiency, keep everybody up to date about what matters, provide relevant data and content on the go, and get more done in less time.

Combine sales support services, relevant content and real time communication - in your own branded app.

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