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The perfect app for every use case

No matter how much time and effort you want to spend delivering to your readers, we've got you covered with the right app solutions.

Whether you want to try out our core app first, which means you're up-and-running in a matter of minutes, or you prefer we get started right away branding and customizing your very own app, is totally up to you. You don't have to decide now - you can always change later!

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iPhone, iPad, Android

Start now with the tchop app

All your content will be available instantly on the tchop app. Download and login straight away, invite your readers from the editorial interface and start prototyping today.


Your look and feel

Impress with your own branded app

If you want your brand to be represented with a strong identity and your company app logo placed on your target group's mobile device, you can upgrade to our premium plan where we customize your app with the look and feel that is your business, your brand, your app.

No IT integration or tricky tech development needed as we do all the work for you.

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Open source

Build and customize your own app

Want it your way? No problem. Our rest API is very flexible and you can build on top of it with different content cards, custom User Experience, advertisement, special architecture etc.