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Often you already have great content in your CMS or intranet, you provide a newsletter or podcast, feed twitter and facebook with posts or get daily press clippings with many interesting links. Why not let that content work for you and your audience without any friction?

We've built our platform around the idea of integration, inspired very much by the way Slack introduced that idea with a transparent Input API which lets you easily hook up other tools and feeds.

tchop™ API

Based on our core API you can easily push or pull data from tchop™ in a simple way. The structure of mixes and chats is straightforward and if you have some experience with content, the principle of different types of content cards is a known standard. The API itself is simple, easy-to-use and returns proper JSON data.

Output Stream

Our Output Stream API allows you to use content streams from tchop™ in other platforms, apps, front ends or websites. You can make tchop™ your news feed backend for an embedded content wall, a news ticker on a website or any other content offering that wants to provide daily up to date content with a minimum of resources.

In order to use our Output Stream API you just need to create a valid token. It can be created on the developer page of your channel with a few clicks.

Integration API

Our Integration API gives you more control over how and when to add data from your source into tchop™. You can create fully automated workflows, implement any content feed into your own branded app and leverage the CMS or Intranet that you already have.

Currently this API is only available to our enterprise clients. So please get in touch if you are interested in this feature.


Premium native apps designed in the look & feel of your brand are a key benefit of our platform. If you request an extended customization with additional requirements and ideas, we can help you out. Or you can build on top of our codebase for iOS (SWIFT4) and Android (Kotlin) with your own development resources. If you're interested in digging into that - please let us know.

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