Committed to mobile content

We are a tech start up based in Berlin, Kreuzberg with a passion for software and new ways to publish content using the possibilities of the mobile internet.

We think all enterprises, companies and even one-man shops should have the power and the right tools to deliver relevant and useful content to their stakeholder's, employee's and customer's mobile devices with little effort. That is why we created tchop.

As a close-knit team of thinkers, users, developers and designers, we are committed to providing a platform that keeps your teams engaged and focused on what matters. Efficiently and effectively, anytime on any device.

Come and join the experience.

Meet the team

Heiko Scherer
Heiko Scherer CEO & Founder
Aron Woost
Aron Woost CTO & Founder
Lothar Eckstein
Lothar Eckstein Advisor
Jan Rikus Hillmann
Jan Rikus Hillmann Creative Director
Jacopo Bortolato
Jacopo Bortolato UX Designer
Fabio Venneri
Fabio Venneri Product Manager
Evelyn Tiernan
Evelyn Tiernan Jr. Product Manager
Elif Biçer
Elif Biçer Jr. Product Manager
Fazeel Akhter
Fazeel Akhter Lead iOS Developer
Ivan Kupriyanov
Ivan Kupriyanov Lead Android Developer
Konrad Gnoinski
Konrad Gnoinski Jr. iOS Developer
Katharina Gries
Katharina Gries Office Management
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