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You want to enjoy your daily press clippings with a premium user experience on your smartphone or tablet!? And you also want to have more context, updates and comments on what is important without hiring a huge team and spending a fortune!?


Press clippings are often provided in a not-so-mobile-friendly way.

Updates are pushed only once a day.

Technology is expensive and time-consuming in setup and maintenance.


tchop provides mobile content in a reliable and intuitive way.

Delivers manual or feed posts instantly.

Enables cutting edge mobile distribution without IT integration.

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Our proposal

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Mobile access

Fully branded premium iOS and Android apps

We've built premium apps for all the main mobile platforms. Your employees will love them and if you have specific needs, you can grab our open-source code to tailor it to them.

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Flexible Integration

Easy-to-use curation interface, accessible from any browser

You can easily integrate existing feeds via RSS, edit the contents and structure it the way you like. You can write your own integration and input any content you want.

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User Management

Manage your readers and collaborators at a glance.

Our platform gives you full control: you decide who can create content, who can consume your content and who gets push notes and surveys. You can also invite others to collaborate and manage your team with just a few clicks.

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Highly efficient

“Content is King. Curation is Kaiser”

We built our product around the idea of curation as we think there's more than enough valuable content out there already in your company, the media and the web. tchop enables you to provide relevant content in a meaningful context with limited resources.

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Management News Service

Media Monitoring

Get your press clippings directly on you smartphone, in real-time, commented on and sorted.

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Market Analysis

Follow your competitors and don't miss important market developments or news. Time is money.

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Have important reports or KPIs in the relevant context delivered right to your smartphone.

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Start instantly to deliver the content that matters to the people who matter.

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