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In a mobile world it is increasingly important that you connect with your workforce and engage with them in their daily lives. But how can you offer them an attractive mobile content platform without spending a fortune!?


User expectations are high: they expect an intuitive mobile experience.

Technology is complex, expensive and difficult to support

Providing content to employees requires special editorial resources.


tchop provides cutting edge native apps that users love to use

tchop is a turnkey solution that requires no IT integration or development

tchop is so easy to use, it enables anybody and everybody to curate and create content.

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Our proposal

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Mobile user experience

Fully branded premium iOS and Android apps

We provide premium apps for all mobile platforms. You can push to all users or single ones and get instant feedback via chat or surveys.

With these apps you are truly connected with your workforce. And if you have specific needs, you can grab our open-source code and customize them easily.

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No installation required

Powerful content and user management in your browser

Our platform is easy-to-use and works on any device. Our curation approach enables highly efficient workflows. You can easily integrate other content feeds or use plugins or just develop your own on top of our API.

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User Management

Manage your readers and collaborators

Our platform gives you full control: you decide who can create content, who can consume your content and who gets push notes and surveys. You can also invite others to collaborate and manage your team with a few clicks.

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“Content is King. Curation Is Kaiser”

We built our product around the idea of curation, as we think there's more than enough valuable content out there already in your company, the media and the web. tchop enables you to provide relevant content in a meaningful context with limited resources.

How to structure your company channel

My company news

General internal news

Now all your employees can be informed about what's going on within the organisation.

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Product related news

Let your workforce know about new products, features and developments, and increase knowledge and motivation.

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Press clippings

Following what's going on out there can be a challenge. Help your employees filter what's really important for them.

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Start instantly to deliver the content that matters to the people who matter.

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