Combine native
posts and
contents with link

tchop basically gives you the options you know from social networks on your smartphone today: Simply add posts as images, videos, tweets, short or longer posts which are directly displayed in the news feed. Or you can add any URL and link to anything within the app.

Our magical parser makes adding any content incredibly easy - from any device. Throw in any URL and we will create the right cards - whether it is a news article, an image or any social media post from twitter to facebook or instagram.

Link to anything
within your app

Simply by adding a URL you can integrate any third party service that is freely available on the web. As you know there are so many useful tools out there. Here are just some sample use cases:

Online survey tools like survey monkey

Charts and Info graphic tools to visualize data or KPI´s

Content from your intranet, blog or any other internal resource

Time tracking or scheduling tools for simple daily input

The good thing: we don´t follow a plug in approach that wants to you pay for those integrations. Whatever service or content you want to integrate and link to - this will remain free!

Add content
from your
favourite apps

You can use your own branded app to share content from anywhere on the web right from your phone or tablet. If you want to add images or videos from your photo app, tweets from twitter or any interesting link out of your mobile browser - we got you covered!

Via our "sharing extension" you can edit any digital content, put it into any mix and decide if you want to publish it immediately or do that later. Distributing content can´t get much easier.

Now download and start prototyping with our demo apps:


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